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Experienced and innovative management

1877 Anton Giulio Taini incorporates the Taini construction Company.
1930 Arrigo and Angelo Taini take the lead of the family Company.
1958 Antonio Taini becomes the Group CEO is management experience has been characterized by a fast paced growth of the business itself and investment in value added real estate services.
1990 Arrigo Taini becomes operative in the group heading up the agency activity while focusing on innovation and trading.
2003 A&A Costruzioni is set up with the objective of internalize a key function in the real estate development business.
2003 GestiOne is constituted with the objective of managing directly the hotel & leisure properties of the Group.
2007 The Advisory and Asset management division is created with a strategic focus of heading the Group from a traditional property company business into a real estate fund business characterized by a co-investment approach.